Outpost safaris offers many exciting activities, abundant opportunities to observe wildlife and view scenic and picturesque landscapes.

Knowledgeable guides will help you identify each species and tell you a little bit about them. There are truly extraordinary sights at outpost safaris, from the tiniest desert pygmy mouse tracks to the magnificent sight of a giraffe slowly appearing from behind the classic silhouette of an acacia tree… and your hosts are proud to share them with you.

The Kalahari’s unparalleled beauty and ideal conditions make for stunning photographs.

Set against a background canvas of red dunes and unique plant life, opportunities for unique images are endless.


Stargazing, also known as amateur astronomy, is a humbling hobby that entails observing or imaging celestial objects in the sky with the unaided eye, binoculars or telescopes.

Dark Namibian nights at Outpost Safaris in the stunning Kalahari are meant for sublime stargazing. With the nearest town a decent 150 kilometres away, the night is pitch black, perfect for uninterrupted viewing. Low population density, very low air pollution and almost non-existent light pollution contribute to these excellent viewing conditions.

Many amateur astronomers and connoisseurs alike make their way to Namibia, often repeatedly, to take in the magnificent night sky.

guided walks in the veld

Guided walks in the veld are incredible at Outpost Safaris. The terrain is harsh yet beautiful and your guide will reveal gems often missed on a game viewing vehicle. Although one cannot realistically cover the same amount of ground on foot, the experience is both humbling and exhilarating.

Imagine closer encounters with wild beauties and beasts, allowing priceless photo opportunities that may have your heart skipping a beat. A wonderful 18 species of game, numerous other small animals, reptiles and bird species are in their element, "ready" to show you their best side, at eye level.

game drive with sundowners on a dune

As with our guided walks, an abundance of fauna and flora can be observed during one of our game drives. Naturally, with the aid of a vehicle, more ground can be covered, more species spotted.

Once your day of game viewing is complete, you can sit back with a satisfying sundowner.

The big game on our land include:

the blesbuck

has a distinctive white face and forehead.

kalahari gemsbuck

also known as Oryxes, have lethal horns.

white blesbucks

boast white coats that cover their entire bodies.


are the tallest living animals and the largest ruminants.

a duiker

is a small, shy,light-footed antelope.

the red hartebeest

is a large, reddish-fawn antelope with a sloping back and long narrow face.

the kudu

(< 55 "), or Grey Ghost of the Kalahari, is difficult to spot.


are typically abundant, always graceful antelope.


are large, flightless birds with two toes on each foot.


are large, robust antelope with a characteristic white ring on their rump.

the sable

is a large, handsome antelope with a glossy black coat and white markings.

burchekk's zebras

are wild striped grazers or browsers from the horse family.

kalahari springbucks

is Africa's largest antelope and an excellent jumper.

the black wildebeest

has a dark brown body with an erect mane and a long whitish typically.

the steenbuck

is a small, slim and elegant little antelope.

a blue wildebeest

characterised by a long black mane and a beard of hair hanging from the neck.

game watching at the waterhole

Apart from game drives, night drives and walks, guests can view game at the drinking trough from close by. During these vulnerable moments, their beauty is quite exquisite.


Birdwatching, or birding, is a marvellously simple and satisfying hobby with many enthusiasts, all over the world. All you really need is a pair of binoculars and a bird book or birding app on a smartphone to get started. Of course, a knowledgeable guide doesn't hurt either. Many observers also enjoy photographing these winged beauties. It is said that once you are a birder, you are always birding.

An encounter may last only a few seconds or perhaps a couple of minutes. Whatever the case, at Outpost Safaris you will have enough time on your hands to view stunning species that call our slice of Kalahari home.

unparalleled beauty & ample time to rest

This is a living desert that brings you a fullness of life, richness of colours, beautiful nature and relaxation lost in time.